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Why Choose a Stonehaven Equity Release Plan?

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Buoyed by strong demand for their lifetime mortgage products, Equity Release Supermarket have put together this information regarding Stonehaven’s range of equity release schemes. We aim to assist in providing interest only lifetime mortgage & roll-up equity release scheme advice in helping to decide which equity release scheme is best.

With an innovative range of equity release plans available, Stonehaven UK can offer both interest only lifetime mortgages & traditional equity release roll-up mortgages.

Stonehaven as a lender, have been providing equity release schemes since August 2006 & are both members of SHIP (Safe Home Income Plans) & the FSA (Financial Services Authority). They only offer equity release schemes through a selected network of qualified specialist intermediaries such as Equity Release Supermarket and These companies themselves are fully regulated & trained in their own right to provide independent equity release advice on lifetime mortgage & home reversion schemes.

Stonehaven Equity Release schemes enable people to release equity that is currently tied up within the bricks & mortar of their home. Additionally, they can be used towards the purchase of a new home in exactly the same way a traditional residential mortgage is used i.e. to bridge the difference between the purchase price & any deposit made available. However, it is usually for remortgage purposes that a Stonehaven Equity Release plan is taken out.

The most common uses for equity release would be lifestyle changes such as:-

  • Debt consolidation – clearing mortgages, loans, credit cards & overdrafts
  • Home Improvements – new kitchen or bathroom, carpets, or landscaping the garden
  • New car or caravan – to travel & enjoy the great outdoors
  • Holidays – places in the sun or visit distant relatives
  • Gifting to the children – a step onto the property ladder or assist them financially
  • …or any other purpose with no restrictions!

The following pages & news from this Stonehaven Equity Release website will provide a greater insight into the equity release mortgages available through Stonehaven. We hope they prove informative & enable you to make an informed decision as to whether you best route forward is via a roll-up or interest only lifetime mortgage.

If there are any burning questions you wish to ask we are only to happy to discuss & point you in the right direction. Please call our Freephone 0800 678 5159 any day of the week between 9am to 9pm if you require any information on their products. We always look forward to hearing from you.

Please note we are not purporting to be Stonehaven, but purely offering equity release information on their excellent product range.

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