The equity release calculator provided offers the facility to calculate the maximum equity release lump sum available in the market currently. The calculator takes into account ALL the lifetime mortgage providers available to determine who can offer the maximum single lump sum, based on factors such as age & property valuation.

The results are the maximum amount of equity that any lender would make available based on a healthy individual, the age of the youngest homeowner and the current property value. The figures show the maximum gross amount any lender will offer. Remember if you have any mortgage or secured loans, they will need deducting from your result.

You will be presented with two results; the first is the standard lump sum maximum which is available from equity release lenders that provide a simple one-off capital lump sum. The second relates to interest only lifetime mortgage schemes that facilitate the monthly payment of interest only, thus rendering the mortgage balance level for as long as payments are maintained.

Once you have your results, visit the Compare Deals section of this website to find a suitable product. Advisers are also on hand to help interpret your results and help guide you to products that fit such criteria.

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These are lifetime mortgage calculations. Always ask for verification of the calculator results provided to ensure they are specific to your personal circumstances. These are lifetime mortgage plans. To understand their features and risks, please ask for a personalised key facts illustration.