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Equity Release Free Valuation Offers

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There are so many companies out there offering equity release schemes to choose from. While this gives homeowners above 55 years of age variety and plenty of companies and benefits to choose, the adverse has been that companies too are jostling for clients to sign up and entice with their new products. There are many offers on the market from equity release providers. With equity release schemes, a valuation fee is usually the only fee to be paid up front. However, with recent competition evident in this market there are now free valuation offers to be had.

In most instances, the higher the property value, the higher the valuation fee that one has to pay. A valuation or survey is important as it establishes beforehand whether the property being considered is adequate security for the equity release scheme and to the lender. It has now therefore become easily possible to acquire this very important service of valuation of your property free of charge. One however needs patience and an eye for exclusive offers by companies vying for new customers; their offers include a free valuation offer and cash back deals & in some instances companies like will receive much reduced interest rates to standard mortgage advisers.

Looking out for free valuation offers is the way to go in the current economic climate we live in. It means less upfront costs & getting good value for money. Some companies offer free valuation offers in reverse by offering valuation fee refunds when signing up by a client. The bottom line remains, that you would have had your property valuated free of charge, which is an incentive and means more money in your pocket.

Equity release free valuation offers, like all special and exclusive offers are incentives to attract more clientele in a rather harsh economic climate. Homeowners can take advantage of this specific marketing and advertising strategy by large companies, to shop around and compare the different types of equity release schemes. It will also help them to determine finally which one to choose for their own financial peace of mind.

It can be said that amongst the incentives on offer by different companies offering equity release schemes, the most beneficial and the most sought-after by clients is free valuation offers. These allow homeowners to identify the best rates without having made a commitment, even more, without having parted with any of their hard-earned money. So if you’re not sure how much you can release as you are unsure about your properties value then look for equity release deals offering a free valuation from companies such as Aviva, Just Retirement & LV=.

For more information on whether you qualify for a free valuation ring 0800 678 5159.

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